Hello. I am Stephen Timchack Jr. A.K.A., (Steve Check), and I would like to welcome you to my web site.
You are here because you wanted to learn a little more about the man behind the food.
Well, lets see where should I begin? I was born in 1939 in Laflin PA, which is situated between Wilkes Barre & Pittston, PA.

I began taking accordion lessons at age 6 and continued until I was 15. I played around Wilkes Barre with local musicians and at age 17 I took off for New Jersey. I felt the call of the bright lights and I followed. This was when rock was really starting out. Elvis wasn’t even around yet. I then took up the guitar and taught myself how to play. Little did I know then, but that was the start of my music and entertaining career. I formed a band called Steve Check and the Checkers and played all over New Jersey, including the Jersey Shore.

Back in 1955 I met my beautiful wife while she was working at the Woolworth’s counter near where I lived. She was a proper Italian girl and I was a young roughen, so of course her family didn’t approve. Luckily, she followed her heart and we were married in September 1956.

We moved from New Jersey to Warren Center, PA and began raising a family. We were blessed with a beautiful daughter and two wonderful sons.
While living in Warren Center, I continued to enjoy entertaining immensely. Many celebrities would visit and we would play together just for fun and for the enjoyment of the people who happened to be at the house at the time.

In 1981, I purchased the building that now houses The Barstow House. It took 11 years to complete the renovations to the lower level. We also renovated the upstairs and use it as a Banquet room.

Someone once asked me when I considered myself a “good enough” chef to open our doors and begin accepting patrons. I told them that working in the restaurant industry always brought me back to my music roots. You never consider yourself “good enough” and you are always striving to be better and improve yourself. I feel that cooking is a lot like music, you must strive for perfection all the time, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. Nothing gets in the way of perfection at all costs.

I truly enjoy what I am doing now. I get to meet new people and I get to perform for all of them by creating each dish specifically for the person ordering it. Each dish is lovingly created by hand. And the best part of running the Barstow House is that it has helped me to bring my family together. Currently 3 of my family members and their spouses work alongside my wife and I, and nothing spells good food and excellent service like family!

Well, I hope that you now know a little more about the man behind the great food at Barstow House, but if you have any questions, I love hearing from our patrons. Feel free to drop me an email any time.